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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

(Music From And Inspired By The Original Motion Picture)

Various Artists

Record Label

Edel Records




Pantera – Immortally Insane
Hatebreed – Below The Bottom
SOiL – Pride
Static-X – Deliver Me
Mushroomhead – 43
Seether – Pig
Nothingface – Down In Flames
40 Below Summer – Self Medicate
Motograter – Suffocate
Shadows Fall – Destroyer Of Senses
Meshuggah – Rational Gaze
Fear Factory – Archetype (Remix)
Morbid Angel – Enshrined By Grace
Index Case – Listen
Finger Eleven – Stay In Shadow
Lamb Of God – Ruin
Sworn Enemy – As Real As It Gets
Core-Tez – Five Months

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